The DF100 Control Valve
is designed to be a tough yet compact valve.
Well suited for many high pressure fluid applications, the DF100's compact design allows for easy installation in tight areas while allowing for easy
DF100 Control Valve
(Tee Style Body)

The Model DF234 Control Valve
is primarily designed for on/off control of a variety of gases or fluids. These tough valves are manufactured for use as dump valves and feature a low profile and lightweight design that fits into tight locations and makes for easier handling. The DF234 is available in 1 inch and 2 inch sizes, either in a globe or angle style valve body with threaded NPT or flanged connections. An improvement over the DF233.
DF234 Control Valve
2 Inch Body
6 4

The Model DF270 Control Valve is a rugged globe style control valve intended for demanding applications in process control. The compact design makes installation and maintenance more convenient than traditional valve and actuator assemblies while still offering the same functionality. The Model DF270 is designed to accept instrumentation requiring valve stem linkages making it an excellent control valve. An improvement over the DF269.

DF270 Control Valve
2 Inch Body

The Model DF2000
control valves are heavy duty, top guided, single port,
globe valves that can be used for either throttling or on/off control of
either liquids or gases.

2" DF2000 with DFC 2156 Actuator

The Model 360 globe style control valve can be used for either throttling or on/off control of gases or liquids. The Model 360 has a balanced plug
with options of bubble tight shut off. The Model 361 usually used in high
temperature applications has a Class II shut off and a balanced plug. Both
Models 362 and 363 are unbalanced.

3" 600RF 360 Body with
DFC 2105 Actuator


The Model 363
control valve is a top guided, unbalanced, single port valve that is suitable for either throttling or on/off control of either liquids or gases. Standard shut off class is Class IV with a metal seat and standard trim is equal percentage.

Model 363 Control Valve with
DFC Actuator


The Model 370
Model 370 Series globe style control valves are larger versions of the Model 360 Series.
These valves feature hanging cages and threaded seat rings which equates to easy maintenance trim.

Model 370 Control Valve with
DFLP Actuator


The Model 380
Series globe style control valves are Model 360 Series control valves designed for high pressure applications. Both Models 380 and 381 are cage guided control valves with balanced plugs. Model 380 control valves are capable of Class V shutoff at process temperatures below 450°F (232°C). Model 381 control valves are well suited for general applications that do not require tight shutoff. Model 382 control valves are top guided valves with an unbalanced plug capable of Class V shutoff.
Model 380 Control Valve with
DFLP Actuator



The 390 Series control valves are cage, or top guided, single port, high pressure globe style valves with bolted bonnets. The Model 390 has three available configurations to meet most process applications. Standard Body Material is Low Temperature Steel (LCC) with 316 SST (CF8M) Bodies readily available.

3" 390 Body with DFC 2156 Actuator

The 570 Series
Segmented Ball style control valve is suited to high flow, low pressure drop services. The straight through unrestricted flow path
provides higher capacity than globe style valves.

570 with a DFR 026 Actuator

The 590’s
straight through unrestricted flow path provides higher capacity than globe style valves. A splined shaft provides accurate control in throttling operations and flexibility in actuation options. The 590 series, when combined with a Model DFRP piston actuator, is a rugged control valve assembly, to which a wide variety of positioners and accessories can be mounted.


590 with a DFRP Actuator

The Model 660
High Performance Butterfly Valve is manufactured to a high quality standard. Typical industry applications include heating, venting and air conditioning, power generation, hydrocarbon processing, and water / waste treatment. Model 660’s are available with three seating options:
Soft Seat, Metal Seat and Fire-Safe Seat. WCC and CF8M are standard body materials.


660 with a DFR Actuator

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